costumes and character design


Upon approval you will be expected to pay in full and 30% of payment is non-refundable.  Your commission must be paid in full before work will begin on it. As of now AutumnFallings only accepts payment through PAYPAL. All costumes are required to be paid in full with in 24-48 hours. 

Customer Contract

Customers will be required to sign a customer contract. Due to issues in the past we will require this before accepting your commission. It is important you are serious when commissioning AutumnFallings. 


Shipping costs are not included in the price of any costume, they will be an additional charge. Shipping costs may vary and one should expect to pay an additional fee for insurance. Please keep in mind, AutumnFallings has the right to select shipping methods and carriers. AutumnFallings is NOT responsible for any lost or damage received product. ALL overseas will be handled through USPS.

Warranty and Repairs

With normal wear and tear throughout the year of obtaining your costume, AutumnFallings offers 

free minor repairs to keep your suit looking its best. Shipping is required by the customer for packages delivered to AutumnFallings.

After a year, all repairs either large or small will be charged a fee. All repairs are subject to be declined based off of scheduling conditions. AutumnFallings cannot guarantee getting repairs fixed ASAP in all situations. 


Our costumes are built to last, but they do require maintenance and cleaning by the owners to ensure they last many years. In the past we offered refurbishments for older suits, but we don't always offer them. We would highly recommend ordering a new suit from us to receive the latest quality and updated look. 

Concept Art

In order to bring your custom character to life a 2-view reference / concept art is needed to get a quote, not just different pictures of your character. If you wish to give AutumnFallings artistic liberty when it comes to your commission then it is not required and we will work with you to come up with a design. 


30% of the payment as stated previously is not refundable, so making sure you are financially secure before commissioning is very crucial. However part of what you have paid can be refunded, but if work has already been started it will affect how much can be refunded. If you are considering cancelling, contacting AutumnFallings directly first is required and will resolve any issues quickly and fairly.

Design Changes

Design changes can be made up until work is actually started on the suit and supplies are ordered. If supplies are ordered and work is already started; we can NOT guarantee all changes can be made. Please be sure you are absolutely satisfied with your design before work begins. If design changes are made it may change the price of your original offer and increase it since you we agreed on something different before.

Disclaimer: AutumnFallings does NOT offer realistic costumes, we create very toony costumes of your character. Please be certain this is what you are looking for before commissioning us for your character.


Duct tape dummies are required for full suit commissions. Please use painters coverals and STRONG duct tape. Make sure to tape all the way down to your ankles, wrists, and neck. A good bodysuit will only be as good as its dummy. Also, if you plan or think you're going to lose / gain any weight before your commission please wait to make your DTD until it is needed. It is important that the duct tape dummy is an accurate representation of your body, so when you get your suit it fits. 

Completion and Deadlines

Completion dates can not be predicted exactly, however we will try to provide you with a rough estimate of when your suit may be completed by. AutumnFallings currently does not guarentee suits for con deadlines, we don't want to rush our work and provide you with less than the best quality we can offer.  The order is subject to change but is influenced by when the suit was paid off. Work will not start on a suit until it is paid off completely. 

Our customers are important to us, so please if you have any issues with your costume or commission contact us first. Communication is important and without you letting us know there is a problem we can't help solve it. Thank you for reading the terms of service!

*AutumnFallings reserves the right to decline commissioners that are under 18 years old.

*Also note that AutumnFallings has pets that may come in contact with suits